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Here is why there is a CULT in culture

Welcome back to article number 3 in this series about Talent Recruiters, Human Resources and how they sometimes clash with each other in achieving the same goal: hiring the best people they can find AND making sure these new people are doing the best possible job they can while integrating well with the business.

We ended the last article on an important point: Does your business’s culture travel well?

A simple test I use is to look on a company’s website and see if I can find their VALUES/PURPOSE/MISSION or anything else that describes their DNA or “Why” in 60 seconds or less. If you can’t find yours, then it probably means your staff and colleagues don’t know exactly what it is and certainly, neither would the people you do business with.

Jack Welch is known for many things, but one of them was his drive to instill company culture within GE. He made it a priority to spend significant amounts of time assessing the human resources that built the GE businesses under his leadership. That is the key and the challenge. The answer is very simple, but it is certainly not easy: it requires a relentless commitment to improving your human capital in a way that is clear and meaningful to all parties. This necessitates significant amounts of structure. It also requires the thing we have the least of: TIME – and lots of it.

Think Human

Use this simple grid to assess whether your human capital is matched in your business in terms of performance AND values. Now spend some time to think about the kind of structures that need to be in place to make this grid a) Meaningful and b) Effective to your organization. It can seem like a mammoth task.

So why go to all of this trouble? Like Simon Sinek famously said: “Business is not like a family, it is a family” and “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business”.

In order for your business to grow over time, your people need to produce that growth. In order for them to produce that growth consistently they need to know and feel why they are doing it. When they do it and they feel good and want to do more of it – that is your sweet spot.

That sweet spot is rolled into something called CULTURE.

Here’s an analogy to enhance the point:

Think of your favourite movie (e.g. Scent of a Woman). Think of the creative fun and focus those people had in producing that movie. Not just the actors – everyone down to the guy holding the lights. They would want to work together again on another movie because the thing they made together transcended what they could do on their own. If you asked them what made it so great they will all have different reasons – great script, awesome director, amazing actors etc. But they will always talk about the feeling they had on set. The space within which they could produce this special work.

Now think of the worst movie you have ever experienced.

Which movie is your business? Join me in the next article to find out how to uncover and build a culture that people will hold dear and produce great work for.



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