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What people have to say:

Here are some of the Team Dynamics short stories that show actions and results from workshops I’ve hosted in the past. They speak from the heart and will hopefully spread inspiration where needed.

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Bart van den Heever – Channels Medical & Bakoni

An extreme but very welcome mind-shift. You gave me more clarity on myself as well as my co-workers purpose here. My mind shifted towards applying myself and workers in an area where they are most effective, efficient, comfortable and talented.

I will take forward what I have learned here to a journey of success. Thank-you.

Andre van Tonder – Channels Medical Solutions

Dear Ann,

On behalf of Channels and the team, I want to express my gratitude for the role you played in bringing about better communication and team coherence.

By facilitating the difficult but very important team discussion, you managed to pin-­point specific aspects we all should be aware of in order to compliment each other. You helped the team to address their issues in very constructive way.

This session also set the scene for our upcoming two-­day workshop with you. Everybody is looking forward to this. Even before you got to assess the individual members, you were able to understand their perspectives, which created the immediate buy-­in and trust. Without this, the facilitation would not have been so impactful.

We look forward to the workshop and trust that we will work with you o an on-­going basis.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and new levels of significance in 2016!

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Icon used for What people have to say

Mbaki – Indigo New Media

The session was very insightful.  It helped me to acknowledge the fact that am different from others and that its okay, as long as am in tune with my flow and contribute in the teams bigger picture.

Delisile Mokone – Bakoni Medical Suppliers

What? Who? When? How? Why? The best concept I learnt in the past two days. They are normal english words that have taken on a different meaning for me. Thank you very much Ann.  You pushed me out of my comfort zone into a highly charged atom. I am looking forward to implementing everything I have learned. There is nothing you need to change.

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Icon used for What people have to say

Raashida Khan – Indigo New Media

The training with Ann was great – practical and very specific to out team and each of us individually.

Janice Scheckter – Indigo New Media

Ann has taken the best of multiple team programmes and combined them in a really smart way. Her insights into the team are also really noteworthy. I can only describe the workshop as extremely high ROI.

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Icon used for What people have to say

Mark Greeff – Indigo New Media

Excellent! Understanding the material and adapting Demartini Method into the middle of the quadrant was really good.

Looking forward to further collaboration of Team Dynamics across partners where team work and understanding will be critical.

Dr. Annton Smuts D.C

Since l started the coaching program with Ann things in my life have changed dramatically. lt is amazing how personal coaching forces you to take responsibility of your life when it comes to making educated decisions.

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Icon used for What people have to say

Chantelle von Plato – Von.P Designs

Ann, you are amazing and I can not say thank-you enough. You taught me so much about myself, my inner strengths and how to use those strengths to transform my business. You showed me how to build the life and business, I not only want but deserve. I owe you big time

Tanja Kiefer Els

Dear Ann – You (Ann Baret Coaching) came into my life when I needed it most and for that I am so grateful. You taught me to see things in a unique way and open my eyes to so many things. Thank you. I have always said, you saved me from an almighty crash.. xx

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Icon used for What people have to say

Karon Davies Wiercx

Ann asked the pertinent questions at exactly the right time and opened up all those layers of gunk to discover what was really going on. In her words – I was on the edge of the cliff, she prodded, and I flew!

Marelize Van Rooyen – Nationlink Plattekloof

We have been working with Ann for the last 4 months and she has made a huge difference in our business! Looking forward to continuing down this path of learning in 2016…

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Icon used for What people have to say

An Solot – Alpha Power Solutions

Team Dynamics is an exceptional company. We have discovered each other natural talents, it allows us to understand each other better and it explains we I like to do certain things and why I procrastinate on others. Thank you Ann, for your guidance!

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