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What makes a great team work?

From childhood, we are told that teams are the way to go: 2 heads are better than 1; sticks in a bundle are unbreakable; many hands make light the work. But too often, too many cooks spoiling the broth is a better description of what happens inside a team.

So what makes a great team work then? Is it the way that it is set up, the way everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and is accountable for their portion of the work? Yes, but more than that: it is the way that everyone in that team is appointed to the task that suits them best, that they excel at and that they love to do. A great team works like a puzzle: each piece is unique and has its specific place and purpose in the whole.

Having a carefully structured team that considers all the required roles to get the job done, and then placing team members in those roles accordingly sets the team up for success. This also avoids the work coming down on 1 or 2 individuals – or worse, team members competing with each other.

A lot of the responsibility of this structure used to come down on the team leader, the boss. But what this hierarchical approach tended to do, was to take a lot of the accountability away from the individual members of the team as well. This not only disempowers a person, it also removes ownership of a project which lowers morale and ultimately, decreases job satisfaction.

By having a team where everyone is accountable and responsible for themselves because they are in the correct roles, it creates a high-performing, happy and sequentially profitable team.

The profile test is a very effective tool to determine exactly which role each member of a team should be playing to fulfill their purpose and to give them the best possible chance to shine. What’s more, it will allow the team to determine which people they are missing, the lack of which they would surely be feeling.

There are 8 profiles within the Team Dynamics / Talent Dynamic framework:

Creator  1. The Creator

Visionary, creative, optimistic, stimulating

Able to inspire others, can multi-task, quick to generate revenue, great at getting things started.

Star  2. The Star

Vibrant, energising, image driven

Quick to deliver, quick to connect, can take an idea and run with it, can think on their feet, can improvise quickly in tricky situations, and holds the stage.

Supporter   3. The Supporter

Relationship focused, confidence building

Able to lead, able to follow, enjoy teambuilding, enjoy networking, great cheerleader, loyal to the right team, strong up front.

Dealmaker   4. The Deal Maker

Outgoing, entertaining, approachable, mischievous

Always connecting people, quick to spot opportunity, operates out front, creates results through conversation.

Trader   5. The Trader

Sensory, balanced, observant, insightful

Grounded, creates loyalty easily, can multi task, gets the right price, gets to the point, often sees things that others miss.

Accumulator   6. The Accumulator

Reliable, careful, considered, meticulous

Delivers on time, rarely over promises, provides gravity for a team, looks for what can go wrong, Strong at turning a plan into a process.

Lord   7. The Lord

Controlling, cautious, organised, detailed

Analyses every situation, sees distinctions others miss, only comfortable once all bases are covered, able to list out every detail.

Mechanic   8. The Mechanic

Innovative, perfectionist, detail oriented.

Completes things well, able to quickly fine tune, spots inefficiencies in the system, able to simplify and replicate.

Which of these do you most relate to? Take the profile test now to learn the best role for each member of your team. Or contact me here to discuss your team’s results.



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