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How to prepare your team for the last 8 months of this year

Can you believe it! 9 months left of 2017 and December is a bit of a write-off so you are essentially left with only 8 months to get it all done. That means your team has only 8 months to get it all done under your leadership. So how do you plan to prepare your team?

By now your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) should have gotten some traction OR you have hit some roadblocks and you’re busy pivoting the plan into something else. Your job as leader of your team is to review the goal/target, understand how big the gap is from here to there, and then break it up into bite-sized chunks for your team to handle. You need to also review the energy and intensity that they are bringing to their work and to each other.

First question: Do you know your team well enough to assess who is adding energy and who is draining it?


Energy management 101 is ALL about stopping energy leakage. If you can understand where the leaks are then you are halfway to solving the problem. First stop the leaks, THEN try and build the energy if needed. So much easier than building the energy, only to see it drain away on a Monday by the usual suspects.

Second question: Do you know where your team is on the bell-curve?

Your top 10% should be getting most of your attention, but you are probably spending most of your time with the bottom 10% trying to fix them or their work issues, right? This is probably also draining your energy, which your team picks up on quickly.

So, the first step is to make sure you are leading from the front. This means a good honest review of your own performance over the past 3 months. Have you been firing on all cylinders, giving your best and feeling energized by the work you have put out?

If not, then it’s time to relook your WHY.

You can do this in 5 easy steps:

  • Get rid of your Ego. Seriously, that voice in your head needs to stop talking. Click here for some strategies on how to do that.
  • What are the things you value most and are essentially your inner drivers?
  • What is your individual WHY? What gives you Energy?
  • What’s your team’s WHY and how does it fit into your business’ WHY?
  • Can you see how what you are doing helps you and your team live according to this WHY? If not, then make sure that is part of your review plan with your team.

Give these points a try. Next time we will be discussing employee engagement and I hope to guide you to some insights on getting the most from those who have a lot more to give.

Ann x

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