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Emotional Intelligence Continued

Emotional Intelligence continued.

In the first part of this post we explored EQ vs IQ and the significant finding that having a higher EQ or emotional intelligence is actually a key indicator of a high performing individual. There was also a free test and if you took it you will know what level of EQ you are at.

Now let’s look at you and your team and the logic behind a higher EQ than a higher IQ:

EQ is defined as having the following traits by Daniel Goleman (as published in the best of Harvard Business Review of 1998, What Makes A Leader):

  • Self-awareness – how well do you know yourself (always high on the personal development list)?
  • Self-regulation – how do you react when you have disruptive emotions, thoughts and actions?
  • Social skill – how do you rate your relationships and being able to move people in a direction?
  • Empathy – do you think about how others feel about what you say or do?
  • Motivation – are you driven, or kind of cruising?

Spot the difference between EQ and IQ? IQ is all about you and the intellectual world around you. EQ is all about you and the emotional world around you.

Do you Know vs Do you Feel

So although we spend lots of time figuring out intellectually what we should improve in our businesses and where we think we should move certain people to or set certain targets at, the driver of results (EQ) requires us to FEEL more than we KNOW. To CARE more than we UNDERSTAND.

I can hear the hard-nosed business people thinking something like “great, so we’ll all have a group hug and sing kumbaya”.

But think of it this way: If Virgin (Richard Branson) had to treat its people like Apple (Steve Jobs) treated its people (or vice versa) what would happen? There would be people leaving in droves on both sides. Why? Because they all require a specific environment that suits them to deliver the results they have to date – Virgin being freer as a services company and Apple more disciplined as a product company.

So how do you figure out the EQ needed for yourself, your business and your teams?

Luckily, there is a scientific approach that makes it possible to analyse where you and your team are, define the areas that they care about naturally and position them to do just this in a team setting – care about what they do.

The Team Dynamics test and coaching system is designed to do the following:

1. Understand where you and your team are, and

2. Understand where you and your team fit best

Knowing where you are and what you need to do is important in today’s business environment. Doing so for the areas that impact your results the most – i.e. your people – is invaluable.

But getting them to do what they naturally care about seems like a very simple – although not easy – answer to a difficult challenge most businesses face today.

So what will you do? Try harder, or relook the way you think about the dynamics of your team? Contact me to discuss the future of your business.

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