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You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you chose.

What is Team Dynamics?

Team Dynamics is proud to be an accredited facilitator of the Contribution Compass profiling tool.

This means that you can have confidence in knowing that all of our materials and programs are part of the Contribution Compass.

Our unique business development system empowers a corporation to grow its profit and productivity dramatically.

It does this by enabling you to understand both your area of maximising contribution  to a team, company or organisation and how you can leverage the most value for yourself and for your organisation.

We believe that it is every person’s right and responsibility to invest your time in your area of  maximum contribution, through what is referred to as your ‘natural energy’.

Your natural energy reflects the way that you naturally think and operate. It is most easily observed in critical moments, when you will always respond based on your natural energy. A critical or defining moment is usually a brief and intense pressure or turning point, in which the decision you make or the action you take, dramatically impacts your journey, either positively or negatively. By default, you will respond in that moment from your natural energy as your instinct kicks in.

Identifying, creating and sustaining your value, which you then leverage, is the cornerstone of working effectively with your natural energy. It requires that you have a deep understanding of your natural energy and that you actively seek to utilise that natural energy to create, build and deliver value – for yourself and others

Maximising a company’s growth potential, and its contribution to society, occurs in an environment where a team of loyal and supportive people with the appropriate energies and skills collaborate to achieve the business’ purpose.

This tool aims to provide you with focus on how to maximise your own application of skills, expertise and time and how best to play your most valuable role in a team. Furthermore, this tool supports a board, executive committee or team to maximise its collective contribution and therefore maximise financial and non-financial return.

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