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Conquer your fear in 4 simple steps

The following is from the writer James Altucher’s blog about a friend of his called Wendy. She has become famous for her blog about her trips to places most people would be too afraid to go to.

“Desire leads to every part of your body feeling more alive. Every part of your brain on alert. It’s a dopamine/oxytocin cocktail in your brain. I asked Wendy how she will top North Korea in terms of fear. She said, “I don’t know. But wherever it is, I’m going”. A long time ago I fell in love with Wendy. Maybe 20 years ago. And the other day I sat in the audience and she was on stage, scared and completely fearless.”

Scared and completely fearless.

conquer your fear

Isn’t that a nice phrase that can make you think for a few hours about your definition of fear (or maybe incorrect definition). Are you scared or are you fearful? Do you know the difference?

According the Eckhardt Tolle, world renowned thought leader about everything spiritual, we have emotions that are amplified and energised thought patterns. When we identify so closely to these thought patterns that we cannot see it clearly, they feed energy to the emotion (e.g fear) which in turn energizes the thought pattern and on and on it goes.

According to Tolle, the reason for all our unwanted emotions and thought patterns is that we have essentially forgotten that we are actually connected to something much larger than ourselves. It is this disconnection that is the cause for much of our pain and fears.

So how do you get out of the mind game that is fear?

Professor Alberto Vivildo offers an interesting technique from ancient civilisations that is called Indigenous Alchemy. It is made up of four steps and helps the mind re-purpose the thoughts from fear to something more empowering:

  1. Identification – You think that you are fearful due to identifying with a specific situation involving a person, job, demand, memory etc.
  2. Differentiation – You think further and realise that you are not your fear, you are simply afraid. A small shift from step 1.
  3. Integration – You start to understand that this fear you are feeling is not you AND that it is there to teach you something about yourself – your truer higher self. It has been trying to teach you something for quite some time if you are honest with yourself.
  4. Transcendence – You are able to think clearly and raise your energy levels from something sucking in energy to something producing energy. You are grateful for your fear and what it has helped you to become, thereby transcending it and releasing its hold on you.

Take control of your life and overcome you fears today by following these easy step. This technique is surprisingly intuitive (start small, don’t skip any of the steps and don’t judge yourself) and gives you the space to objectively look at your fear in a different light.

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  • Eckhardt Tolle – writer of Power of Now and seen as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of our time.
  • Dr Alberto Vivildo – Professor in Psychology and Medical Anthropology has studied healing practices of the Andes and Amazon for more than 25 years.



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