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Why Trust Matters


In economic uncertainty, trust is one of the first things to diminish within an organization. And with the global financial turmoil of the last few years it seems that distrust and uncertainty has become the rule in company culture rather than the exception. Here's why trust matters. For an employee to doubt his future is [...]

Empathy at work: Changing Organizations


The holocratic approach to business has become such a buzzword in recent years that many leaders have taken the plunge and started to restructure: no more titles, no management and no hierarchical systems. But this perceived utopia in the workplace is often extremely difficult to achieve, especially considering that most companies are being run on [...]

Finding Flow: tips for getting in & staying there


The concept of flow is hardly a new one, but finding flow and knowing how to stay there might seem like a daunting task. Flow is being described as the state of total immersion in the task at hand – being in the zone. It is a mind state where you can focus without distraction, [...]

6 Qualities of a High Performance Team


It’s the stuff dreams are made of: a team working like a well-oiled machine, with happy employees just doing their thing – on time, without fuss and within budget. But what makes this dream machine and how can you create one? Let’s talk you through the characteristics of a high performance team. 1. The correct [...]

Questions causing a difference every day


I recently came across this article by Marshall Goldsmith, author of “Coaching for Leadership,” in which he explained daily-questions process. Since then I have been using this process with my great friend, Suzy. We are amazed at how well this process works. The process goes like this: Each person writes down their own questions Each [...]

Achieve Greater Success in Life with Positive Intelligence


Every self-help junkie knows this: The reasons why we don’t realize our potential and achieve the level of success we want in life isn’t because we are not smart, rich, or popular enough. Rather, it’s our tendency to trip ourselves up over and over again that is stopping us from living the life of our [...]