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Servicing the internal customer: Why what’s on the inside really matters


Servicing the internal customer to better service the external customer The popular philosophical and mystical saying goes: as within, so without. In the business world, this principle is demonstrated time and time again. And when it comes to customer success, it is no exception. Whether you look at case studies on internal company culture or [...]

Customer Success and Employee Engagement


Customer Success Customer Success. The words might sound self-explanatory. Alluding to some broad and desirable outcome that could mean anything, ranging from an increase in your bottom line to a five-star rating in your feedback section. However, this vital measurement of business performance has more to it than meets the eye. For most businesspeople, Customer [...]

7 Ways to engage employees in change management


Over the past couple of days, I have spoken to a number of organisations struggling to get their employees on board with changes happening around them. Culture expert, Dr John Kotter, stated in an interview that 80% of all organisational change efforts fail. One reason for this is that executives simply do not get enough buy-in for their [...]

hiring the right person – 9 point checklist


Hiring the right person is a very challenging and daunting process because of the consequences both in cost and time in case of hiring the wrong employee. However, Hiring the right employee, on the other hand, pays you back in employee productivity, a successful employment relationship, and a positive impact on your organisation. Hiring the right employee enhances [...]

2 Crucial steps to define the DNA of your business and refine your company culture


In this last article in the series, we are going to look at ways to make your culture work for you. In order to do this, you need to first discover what your company's culture is and, more importantly, whether you actually like it or not. You see, company culture is either something you have awareness [...]

Here is why there is a CULT in culture


Welcome back to article number 3 in this series about Talent Recruiters, Human Resources and how they sometimes clash with each other in achieving the same goal: hiring the best people they can find AND making sure these new people are doing the best possible job they can while integrating well with the business. We [...]

Who will reign victorious in the epic battle between HR and Recruitment?


In the one corner, our contestant is a mid-tiered, middle-aged human resources specialist from Jozi. He has 20+ years of solid HR experience and is not afraid to use it. He knows the book and can throw a right hook… of processes, procedures and measurements. In the other corner, our contestant is a high flying, [...]

Do you have a strong enough company culture?


In this previous article on the subject, we introduced two skilled warriors in the business world: HR and Talent Recruitment. I looked specifically at why they seem to be set up to compete against each other rather than complement each other. I proposed that it could have to do with the differences in their measurements and environment [...]

Why the school system has failed us so spectacularly


In a previous article, I was looking at how our school system is not performing and that it is in desperate need of an overhaul - or a total rethink if you agree with certain experts. We touched on the concept of teachers evolving from being Teaching Teachers (the holders of all information) to Leading [...]

What is the education system doing to our children?


In 2013 Dr. Sugata Mitra gave the by now infamous TED talk about his experiments on how kids learn and what he thinks about the state of the current school system.   “The problem is not that the school system is broken. It is simply obsolete” The well-educated crowd at TED cheered. You see, we [...]