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6 Qualities of a High Performance Team

It’s the stuff dreams are made of: a team working like a well-oiled machine, with happy employees just doing their thing – on time, without fuss and within budget.

But what makes this dream machine and how can you create one? Let’s talk you through the characteristics of a high performance team.

1. The correct person in the correct role

We speak about it a lot here at Team Dynamics, but only because it is so essential. A team is only as strong as the sum of its parts, and if one of your team members are not in flow, they weaken the team and slow down their performance. When every person in a team is assigned their natural role, their team members know that they will get the job done, timeously and to the best of their ability. This interdependence creates trust in a team, which is essential for it to work at its best. Get your team members to take the profile test and apply the principles to see those cogs moving.

2. Clear and Constant Communication

Keeping everyone up to speed with the progress of a project is essential to having a high performance team. Employing software to help your teams with day-to-day feedback and progress reports is a great way to keep everything in one place and prevent inboxes from filling up or important information being missed. A program like Basecamp is an excellent tool to facilitate this because tasks can be assigned and progress measured against deadlines.

3. What’s the goal?

This may seem obvious, but often the objective of a project is not clear to all members of the team. Ensure that everyone knows why you’re doing this, what the deliverables are, what the deadlines are and how this will benefit the company as well as the individuals involved.

4. Support and trust

Internal competition in a company and team can destroy the productivity of that team. I am not talking about healthy, ideas-challenging kind of competition, but rather the kind that causes distrust and unhappiness. Ensuring that there is always support for the members of a team, an open channel of communication and internal trust, is setting your team up for success. Promote constructive criticism and diverse opinions which will allow the best ideas to come forth.

5. Be fearless, also when it comes to failing

Failure is not so much the absence of the success as it is the learning curve that leads to it. Encourage your teams to be fearless, daring and to try and try again. Even if they should fail, they will learn from that to create an even bigger success.

High performance team - Edison Quote

6. Celebrate Every Success

Always take the time to pause and celebrate successes, even small ones. Take stock of what your team had achieved and reflect on the lessons learnt. The success of a team is directly related to its morale and happiness, so when they’ve given their all, made sacrifices, put in incredible effort and got things done, taking the time to recognize those achievements will show appreciation and add to their sense of purpose. Taking this time is also essential to the growth of the company: understanding why you were successful at something is just as important as understanding why you’ve failed.

Can you see these quailities of a high performance team in your business? To find out how to get your teams performing at their best, contact us here to arrange a consultation.



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