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Ditch the Control Drama and bring awareness to your Festive Season


Family… you don’t get to choose them, right? Especially over the festive season we sometimes have a bit of a perfect storm that looks something like this: Family members who have not seen each other for some time are thrown together for more time than they usually (comfortably) spend together, sometimes for multiple days. It’s [...]

5 practical tips for dealing with family dynamics this festive season


The festive season usually has either a very positive or a very negative connotation: you are really excited to be spending time with your loved ones, or you are dreading it. And the reason for that, is that we all have very powerful and often subconscious family dynamics at play. Every person in a family [...]



Courage: noun 1.the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc. without fear; bravery. 2.Obsolete. the heart as the source of emotion.   Displaying courage is often one of life’s most difficult challenges. As a child, you first come into contact with it when you've done something wrong and have to own up to it. As a teen, admitting that you’re infatuated with someone takes just about everything you've got. And [...]